04 April 2009

A Few Things That Have Been Bothering Me Lately

-Quote-unquote tagless t-shirts. The bane of my existence.
-People who are incapable of checking their spelling and/or grammar before posting something on Twitter or Facebook. If a word or phrase is underlined in red, folks, you've screwed something up. Fix it.
-Prescription drug side effects that are worse than the condition for which you're taking them. If taking a medication puts me at risk for liver failure, asthma-related death, and certain kinds of cancers, I'm going to have to pass. Drug commercials remind me of something Dave Barry said years ago about the two main ideas in a prescription drug ad: you need this drug, and this drug will kill you.
-People who do other things when they are driving - eating, putting on eye makeup, folding laundry, text-messaging, talking on a phone ... When I learned to drive, I was given the impression that you don't do anything else at the wheel, because you are driving. That's what you're doing. You're already doing something, so you don't do anything else until you're done with it.
-Those Geico commercials with the googly eyes on top of the money stack. Also, the accompanying re-make of Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me."
-The widespread use of the phrase "pluck your eyebrows." You pluck a chicken. You *tweeze* eyebrows. I will shout it from the rooftops.
-Movies in 3D.
-That, no matter how much medical research says otherwise, people will continue to look for a quick fix for weight loss.
-How crappy the ShamWow is in real life. The commercials make it look like the coolest product ever. I say "Wow" every time ... because I can't believe how poorly it absorbs liquids.
-April Fool's Day jokes.
-The way that no one seems to say "excuse me" anymore.
-How hard it is to get a decent apple at the grocery store.
-That I can't seem to write a decent blog any more.


Little Lockards said...

I hear you on the no one saying "excuse me" thing. I think our society in general is just plain getting rude. :) This is Cara, by the way.

Melissa and Geoff said...

Comedian Tim Hawkins has a great bit about medications and their side effects. Check out his website and click on "Tim on products." I just watched it again and was laughing out loud, especially in view of your comments! http://www.timhawkins.net/video-audio.php

jgirl said...

Yes, please as a people quit doing things besides "driving" when you are driving! Quit taking forever to pull out when the light turns green because you are checking your voice-mail, etc...quit wandering into my lane because your navigational system is wanting you to take an alternate route and you're arguing with it...and fold your laundry on your own time people!=0)

Deka said...

not crazy about 3D either
and the pink lady apples in the grocery store are always bruised!!