06 January 2009

I need your money!

Two posts in one day, aren't y'all lucky! But I have a good reason. I need your money.

Well, not me specifically, although I'd not say no to a cash gift.

The BC (British Columbia) Cancer Foundation needs your money. I'm not a resident of America's Hat, myself, but any organization that's working against cancer is good in my book.

My brother - no, not that brother, the other one - is participating in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Apparently he's taken up cycling, don't ask me why. But he's decided to do something with it, so more power to him, I say.

Anyway, here's the link to his donation page. If you've got an extra fiver, give a fiver. Ten, twenty, even better. Every penny helps, seriously. If you don't have any to give, pass the link along to someone who does.

Cancer killed my paternal grandfather at 62, my favorite aunt at 58, and my daddy one month after his 52nd birthday. Cancer sucks. Let's do something about it, okay?


Dana G said...

Where is Chris' link???? Cancer also struck Grandma DeWitt...

Jill Elizabeth said...

Click on the word 'link' and you're there :o)