08 February 2009


I don't have anything useful or humorous to say, but I do have a picture to share.

I found this little guy on Cute Overload and was rendered incoherent.

This happens to me frequently when I see an animal, even a marginally ugly one (I squealed the first time I saw an actual pigeon, despite being seventeen at the time), especially a baby animal. I blame my parents, of course, as I was never allowed any pets as a child. And when something as cute as this chubby little squirrel comes along? I shriek like a howler monkey.

That's also my reaction to a video of the smallest pigs in the world, despite repeated views. And my reaction to sheep and goats and cows and ducks and rodents and especially pigeons and chickens.

I think I was going to make a point about everything but I've been distracted by the cuteness of my little chipmunk buddy.

Just be glad he wasn't a baby chipmunk. I'd be unable to type.

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