08 February 2009

Survey says ...

I was in the middle of typing up a beautiful rant about magazines - I just got the March issue of Glamour, despite it being the beginning of February - when my eyes fell on a list I'd written on an envelope.

I like writing on envelopes, particularly the back where the flap is. I always have for some reason. I tend to write important things on the back of envelopes - shopping lists, driving directions, insurance information, deep thoughts about toilet paper, that sort of thing. I frequently forget to remove the envelope's original contents which is why a few days ago I left the house with a bill from Victoria's Secret in my hand - my directions were written on the back of the envelope.

Where was I?

Right. Ranting.

So, the list on the envelope that I'd spotted happened to be the options on Pathetic Blog Poll #3 and the votes for each. Seven people wanted my thoughts on child beauty pageants, by the way, which puts a bit of pressure on me not to disappoint. Or rather, it would if I put any thought into my writing. I in fact put very little thought into what I write, which is why I worry any time someone tells me, "Oh, Jill, I read your blog the other day ..." I'm always afraid they're going to follow that with, "Would you like to go with these nice men in white coats now?" Or "You do realize that the usual way is think, then speak, right? Not speak, then think?"

But if I cared what people thought of my taste and opinions I wouldn't answer the door in my moose pajamas or quote Homer Simpson in the middle of an otherwise intelligent conversation.

Where was I this time?

Right. Pathetic Blog Poll #3. So, it occurred to me that, hey, maybe I ought to consider pontificating on one of the topics I used in my poll. I've used a few already and as I've asked for people's opinions I probably ought to take them into consideration. So my magazine rant is on hold for a while - maybe it'll be on my next Pathetic Blog Poll.

But that's the beauty of this whole thing, isn't it? I can write about whatever I want. I can ignore every topic I've used in a poll and write paeans to the potato if I am so inclined. I can write six or seven rants about the one topic nobody votes for. Because it's my blog! Hahahaha!

I mean, um ... well ... that is ... Oh, come on. I posted a squirrel picture earlier. That's nice, right? If you're not too concerned about the hantavirus or that sort of thing.

I'm sure what I meant to say is, thank you, kind reader, for investing your precious time in my humble little blog. Please take a moment to vote in my poll.

There are a few other things I was going to mention but I can't find the list I made. I think it's on its way to Old Navy with my credit card payment.

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patrice stanford said...

I have ALWAYS used envelopes for my lists...they are, for some reason, perfect for whatever reason..although, I prefer the front of the envelope. :) I HATE making lists, but if I don't, I just go in circles and wonder what it is that I am forgetting.